Commentary From 2017, Why you should spend your money  on experiences, not things.

 The most dangerous word in human relations is ‘Loner.’ 

I have been a solo traveler for a while now.  By choice I have lead a quiet contemplative life since the age of 36.  I will not go into the reasons of it as they are personal.  I have been ‘insulted,’ as a Loner, by frustrated people eager to misinterpret my choices in life.

Imagine how pleased I was to fall on this article in the Evening Standard, that researched how society is making relationship choices that include a choice of being single by choice.

It goes further, to preferring experiencing the best moments of your life  ‘solo,’ rather than being pre-occupied with sharing everything with a significant other, other than our family relationships.

What is this phenomenon?  Well the writer starts the column  by giving an example of Patrick Drake, 37, who begins his mornings with Yoga and Meditation before office hours.  He then meticulously plans his day ahead which includes a solo ‘brunch,’ at Shoreditch House where he hosts a live stream cook-along.  Is this ‘Yuppyism’ resurfacing?

Well, apparently not.  For me at any rate, I decided to give up on the constant chase for a ‘boyfriend,’ and give up the fear of not being in a relationship because it caused me too much trauma. I find it very liberating to be able to say No.  I can enjoy being myself and taking the foot off life’s demands. Currently this thought is being fronted by the new M&S Advertising campaign which has this to say:

“Turn off Autopilot and spend life well. Someone wise once said, life’s short and spending it well is about saying yes, it’s sometimes having the conviction to say no.”

It is true that people are becoming more conscious on living their lives well rather than always meeting societal pressures to conform to idealistic ideals.  Note also the new trend in ‘experiences,’  rather than ‘buying worldly goods.’  In fact CNBC also presented a study on ‘Millennials prioritising ‘experiences’ over stuff.’  There is also a whole movement in downsizing and having smaller houses rather than aspiring to own large houses.

What has come over us?  I believe that the overwhelming evidence is that people are affected by the pertinent environmental issues of the day which are so at the front of every persons mind this century.  The truth is that we are now discarding old societal rules and embracing new rules that liberate us an puts at the forefront our personal rights.

I think some traditionalist may argue that this is not correct but, I believe they are now dwindling to minority numbers and will eventually give in or retire to a ‘traditionalist enclave,’ to hold hands against the advancement of modern life.

I still believe in everlasting love, but I am not just chasing it right now thanks!  If the opportunity came along, I’d jump right in, why not! Liberated life is goodish!



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