Councillor Sunny Lambe

Online Interview 26 May 2017

Cllr Sunny Lambe, Labour Councillor for South Bermondsey Ward.

I have known Mr Lambe for a long time and he is the epitome of a hardworking Briton.  He is very inspirational and has a life philosophy that is very impressive.  I was privileged to interview him.


Q. How long have you been Labour Councillor for South Bermondsey?

Since May 2014

Q Are you recontesting your seat?

L. Yes, if re-selected by my ward members again

Q Can you give your opinion on how Labour has improved the area?

L. Since Labour took over the administration of the Southwark Council in 2010, we have made significant improvement to the Council housing stocks by building new affordable homes for local people, insulated all Council homes to make them cleaner, safer and warmer under our Cleaner, Greener and Safer Programme. We have introduced free school meals in all our primary schools and recently, we have just launched another one of our flagship programmes, Free Swim and Gym to keep our local people more active and healthier. Of course, we still want to do more for the local people however, I believe we have done tremendously well on our electoral promises and we should be judged on our records on delivery. Most of local parks have been highly rated with Green Flag status as a result of the hard work of our officer and elected executive members

Q. What plans does Labour have for the area for the future?

L. Labour intends to build on the existing milestones achieved to date on our electoral promises as our main priorities on building 11,000 new affordable homes for local people, create employment and apprenticeship opportunities for local people.

Q.You have been a successful businessman in the UK for a very long time. What plans does Labour have for the business community in your area?

L. Through the High Street Challenge Fund, Labour has supported a significant number of local businesses through work programmes, apprenticeships and other employment support activities, both directly and in partnership with other local and national services providers. Of course, we are constantly exploring innovative ways to support business and enterprise across the borough.

Q.What Housing improvements has the area experienced
L. Build 11,000 new affordable homes with an of average of 350 per annum, invested millions of pounds on Cleaner, Greener and Safer programme to keep our Council homes safe, insulated to reduce daft and savings on energy costs for local people and also meet our environmental commitment by cutting CO2 emission through reduction in energy consumption as a result of the new doors and windows fitted for council tenants.

Q.What are Labour and your proudest achievements for the area?
As an administration, I think Labour regaining full control of the Council in 2010 after having lost it to the LibDems and Tory Coalition in 2002 and being able to keep control with increased majority was a landmark and a remarkable achievement for the Labour Party. It was even a sweeter joy seeing Labour increased our majority to 48 out 63 contestable Council seats in 2014, leaving just 27 to the opposition (LibDems 15 and Tories 2).

Furthermore, on a personal note, my personal proudest moment was being elected with my other two colleagues for the first time in South Bermondsey marginal seat which Labour had no single seat since 1982 and winning all the three seat from LibDems. It is a great privilege to be representing the people of South Bermondsey Ward. Who knows what the future holds for me!

Q. Why should Labour hold your seat in the area? What are your policies and plans for the area that would inform Voters in the election.L

L. I think we have been able to build trust between ourselves and the local residents in South Bermondsey Ward through hard work around caseworks on housing needs, resolution of neighbourhood disputes, provision of free school meals, investments in Canada Water and Camberwell Libraries when libraries are been closed in other boroughs, local business network, building new affords Council homes for local residents, fighting domestic and business crimes, secured the routing of Bakerloo Line Tube Extension towards Old Kent Road, regeneration of Elephant and Castle and Canada Water, including investments in Burgess and Southwark Parks accessible to local people for several recreational activities.

We are investing in local businesses through the High Street Challenge Funds including apprenticeship and employment opportunities for local unemployed especially young people and women. We are not complacent. We recognise there are still a significant level inequalities still exist in our society as whole, not just in Southwark and South Bermondsey Ward I’m proud to represent. That is why having a Labour government at the national level, in addition to a Labour London Mayor will make some significant difference in how we are able to address inequalities in both Southwark and across the country in order to make sure that no community or individual is left behind.


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