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There is something intriguing about the new ‘vape’ shops opening up at every corner in London.

I wandered down Tooting Bec High Street on a dark night this winter, and a smartly dressed man complete in top hat walked past me all cloak and dagger like with  smoke trailing him for miles.  It was like something out of 17th century!

I saw him again the next day entering the Vape arty looking shop.  There were lots of people ‘chilling’ looking cool sitting on black leather sofas.  There was a bar, but no alcohol.  Only folks holding funny looking smoke pipes resembling a small gun.  On the wall were pictures of TuPac and Biggy Smalls.  Very cool muzak.  I went along to their shop to interview them a few days later and prepared the attached podcast.

It wasn’t for me and I walked past wishing I was sweet 25 again.  Have a listen to this podcast and enjoy it by osmosis.

The Observer, wrote on the current regulations limiting Vape shops in an article titled, ‘New Laws in the UK Stifling vaping’s success’ in curbing smoking.’  It is reported the vaping industry is issuing warnings on the danger of homemade versions.  The podcast below discusses the advantages of vaping.  New regulations limits the size of liquid tanks the smoking unit can contain and e-liquids containing more than 20mg of nicotine per ml are banned.



Link to Guardian article:


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